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We all know how much fun these are in the studio, so there's a healthy selection of both regular guitar and bass pedals as well as many devices that often find themselves on the vocals or drums.


There is always a variant of each type of pedal or effect, so we can easily achieve that perfect sound.



Set in the leafy suburbs of south west London, Black Dog Studios has been Sean Genockey's HQ for 12 years now and has been the creative hotspot for many great records.



Boasting an enviable collection of outboard equipment Black Dog Studios tirelessly combines vintage classics like Neve 1081 and Rosser MA75s with modern designs such as Dangerous Music, Lavry, Tube Tech and Roger Mayer's cutting-edge 456 HD analogue system.


UAD emulations work in tandem with rare compressors and microphone amplifiers, hardware reverb processors and military spec thermionic designs. Black Dog Studios' cutting edge analogue sound is only found in the world's top recording facilities. Its a perfect amalgamation of both worlds; analogue summing and mix path, with the speed and flexibility of digital recording.



A guitar collection to satisfy even the most inquisitive string bender and a collection of finely tuned drum kits, snare drums and cymbals.


A guitar for every occasion ranging from pre-CBS Fenders through to modern prototypes.

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Big J, Black Dog Studio's in-house banner logo Gibson J 45, dating from 1945, this guitar has appeared on records from Tom McRae through to Rueben. Its sonic footprint can be heard clearly and is a pleasure to both play and to record.


Want a low guttural sound or a high resonant one? There is a guitar or a snare drum specifically designed for that sound you hear in your head.



A blend of cutting-edge high-end analogue, featuring 456HD sound recording and Lavry analogue to digital conversion.


The main recording rig is centred around ProTools HD3 system which is well known for its reliability.


This is paired with a UAD driven PT native system that is linked with Logic. So depending on your project we can choose a number of ways to achieve the end result.


Having mixed exclusively at Black Dog for 12 years the mixes carry very well from studio to the real world.


Mastering duties are taken care by in-house engineer Ed Woods. Ed has over 10 years of mastering experience and has worked with artists ranging from The Who, Calogero, Lonely the Brave, Manic Street Preachers, The Virginmarys and Tom McRae.



Black Dog is totally soundproof so whenever the mood takes you, you can crank that amp and wail away without worrying about bothering a soul.


Most amplifiers are point to point military spec tube amps as they not only sound great, but tend to be more reliable. Vintage and modern sit side-by-side with a bias towards the classics.

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